Saturday, 3 July 2010

Terrace Cafe Buffet Lunch @ Genting Highland

3 July 2010

I have been complaining that I am very bored especially during the weekends. So I suggested to go Genting for a wonderful meal and walk. At only RM41, you will be able to get a return bus ticket from and to Gombak (Terminal Putra) inclusive a buffet lunch at Terrace Cafe/Outdoor theme park. I am not interested in the theme park, so I just spent it at the Terrace Cafe, located in Genting Resort.

This was my third time having the buffet here. I like the environment and the Nyonya Satay. Without the ticket package, you would have to spend around RM50 for the buffet. There are five kitchens serving different kinds of food, including Local, Nyonya, Chinese, Japanese, Western and West Asia cuisine.

I like the satay because of its sauce which is different than what we have normally. It is still made of peanuts, but with added nyonya sauce/sambal which makes the s atay sauce a bit reddish. I would suggest you to try fried lao shu fen which is available at Nyonya corner. It is full of "wok hei" and the taste is definitely strong. In fact, i felt it was bit salty for me. It is cooked on request. Their fried fish (ikan goreng) is a must try item as well. I do not really like the ayam percik.

pic: ayam percik
Let's move to the Local Favorite Kitchen. It is local's favorite, but not mine, except for the yam rice. At this kitchen, you can also find some other local's signature delights such as laksa, keuy teow soup, or chicken rice.
At Chinese kitchen, you can have fried vegetables which will be cooked on request based on your selection. However, I did not try that during all the three visits. I quite like the little dumplings with leek as the filling.
pic: little dumplings, lobak (nyonya), yam rice (local), roti canai (western asia)
I have no idea why this kitchen is always the most unpopular one. Perhaps it is located at the most far end. I do not like curry so I did not take much from this kitchen except for the roti canai. Not bad.
You can find some beef, pasta, salad, bread and etc from western kitchen. Not much uniqueness. The beef was overcooked.

pic: salad section
Last but not least the Japanese kitchen which mainly serves miso soup and sushi
I was too full to have much dessert. So I just snapped some photos of them for your viewing. There are puddings, cakes, cookies for your selection.

We then headed to the indoor amusement park. I have never been playing those machines for so many many years. You are required to top up your ezicash card with cash to get token in return. It is no longer physical token but value in ezicash card now. At the end of the day, you will get back RM5 deposit upon returning your card. You can't easily score high in every game and get much tickets. Basketball and ping pong catcher are the easiest ways. You can easily get over 100 tickets per game for ping pong catcher. However, this kind of machine can't be easily found.

pic: We spent around RM50, earn 587 tickets in return and eventually redeemed a stainless steel cup and a little genting key chain.

We then walked to First World Indoor Park. On the way, I found this interesting drawings on the wall. It looked so colourful.
pic: A very high class shop which sells wine. Forgot the name but it is situated in Genting Resort.
pic: Simulate Venice's Gondole
pic: I wished I could stand next to him :)

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